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How the County is Making Your Life Better

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Expanding and Enhancing Parks

Everybody loves our Oakland County Parks, and we are working on expanding our parks to every corner of the county. In addition to the crowd favorite Red Oaks Water Park, Golf Course, and Nature Center in District 3, we have a proposed new county park in Troy and joint ventures with Madison Heights and Hazel Park. As an Oakland County Commissioner and a Parks Commissioner I will work to ensure that our County Park system remains vibrant, safe, and accessible to all.


Developing Attainable Housing

The County is investing in housing opportunities through a new Housing Trust Fund that provides financing for developers building affordable housing units. This program will ensure all have access to good schools, strong neighborhoods, and well-paid jobs. As your Oakland County Commissioner I will work to increase access to housing throughout our district.

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Promoting Better Health

Improving health care is a top priority for me. The County is investing in mental health treatment and supporting nonprofits working on community mental health initiatives. We are working on expanding integrated mental health services provided in hospitals and urgent care settings and increasing the number of mental health care providers. As your Oakland County Commissioner, I will continue to fight for excellent health care for all of our residents.

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